sábado, agosto 20, 2016

Um exemplo do mobiliário

A propósito do recente "O que há a aprender com o calçado ou o mobiliário português" e recordando também as cadeiras italianas de Manzano "Subir na escala de valor", este exemplo, Vitra!
Através de um tweet de Tim Kastelle cheguei a "The Man Who Loved Chairs".
Manzano e as suas cadeiras low-cost Made in Itália não resistiram à Ásia. Vitra em Basileia na Suiça... estavam num outro campeonato:
"Fehlbaum took over the company when he was 27, succeeding his elderly parents, who had founded the company in 1950 and had handled manufacturing and distribution in Europe for Herman Miller. During his 30s, he devoted himself to chairs, developing the company's trademark approach of partnering with famous designers to create products for his company.
The result: Vitra is now renowned in the design community. As well as serving clients all over the world in all kinds and all sizes of companies (and even furnishing chairs that appear in IBM ThinkPad advertisements and the ads of other high-tech companies), Vitra's chairs sit in the European Commission offices in Brussels, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, and the conference room that is used by the G-8 in Cologne. When Pope John Paul II visited Zagreb in 1994, he waved to the adoring throngs while he was sitting on a Vitra chair.
As Fehlbaum's story demonstrates, even the most prosaic item can be the object of passion and the embodiment of great design" [Moi ici: Como não pensar outra vez em "There is no such thing as an average or old-fashioned business"]
Talvez a sua empresa precise de seguir um exemplo como este.

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