quarta-feira, julho 06, 2016

Mongo e a ciência

Mongo também passa por aqui, "Citizen science: how the net is changing the role of amateur researchers".
Como não recuar a 2007 e 2011 e a "Não confundir meios com fins".
Como não recordar que tantos e tantos avanços científicos, antes da bolha industrial, foram da autoria de pessoas isoladas.
"We feel more comfortable imagining science as the exclusive preserve of lab-coated professors in well lit, publicly funded laboratories, surrounded by gleaming, expensive apparatus. In truth, though, the history of science is rooted in research carried out by independent devotees, driven by resourcefulness, passion and curiosity.
“the possibilities for taking science into your own hands are greater than ever”. This is due in large part to the internet, which has provided access to swaths of research and educational resources, while fostering groups of curious and like-minded autodidacts."

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