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Lucro e preço

"Pricing plays a huge part in profit growth.[Moi ici: A essência do Evangelho do Valor]
Fortunately, small to mid-size companies can maneuver their businesses into a profitable position by just following the fundamentals. You can start with these seven basic rules of a profitable pricing strategy.
1. Avoid the Tired Cost-Plus Pricing Formula...
2. Understand and Leverage What Your Customers Value.
Your offering is not a commodity. It doesn’t matter what you sell. You should never believe it’s a commodity. If you do, your ability to sell on value is lost. Once that’s lost, your ability to turn a profit is also lost.
Work with customers to determine why they choose to do business with your company.
Once you can articulate and quantify value increases, you have a much stronger foundation for asking for a proportional price increase and defending your existing pricing in the face of competitive pressures.
3. Implement Price Increases Slowly...
5. Segment Your Way to Pricing Success.
Your customers, product lines, and market areas are all different. They should have equally unique prices to achieve their maximum profitability.
Some companies seeking simplicity within their pricing strategy apply a “peanut butter” approach. This applies the same pricing to all customers or all products. It’s easy, but it rarely works. Businesses often end up falling short of their margin potential by neglecting to set higher prices for some customers as well as losing customers who seek a lower price.
Some companies customize pricing by customers but not by buying situations. This strategy still falls short, because every customer values every buying situation in a unique way.
6. Discount Responsibly...
7. Analyze, Adjust, Repeat.
The best way to build a successful pricing strategy is to keep a close eye on it and its effects on margins. Then tweak prices as needed to increase success and profitability in the long run."

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