terça-feira, julho 12, 2016

Experiências, hollowing e o futuro das marcas

Primeiro, a parte com que concordo:
"Retailers the world over need to understand that we have entered the Experience Economy. Goods and services are no longer enough; what consumers want are experiences — memorable events that engage each individual in an inherently personal way.
The primary reason people will come into physical places in the future is because they seek experiences, so retailers must design and build places that showcase the “experience” of the merchandise they have for sale. If you get your customers to experience your goods, the chances they will buy those goods increases."
Segundo, a parte com que não concordo:
"Consumers will want to buy goods at the cheapest possible price and the greatest possible convenience. Meaning, they will continue to buy more and more merchandise online. Only hypermarkets that pile it high and wide have any hope of competing on price. Everyone else will have to subsume their merchandise within an experience that engages consumers."
"If you think retail faces commoditisation, imagine how badly off manufacturers are! As they see their margins pinched and their channels marginalised, more and more manufacturers will decide to go into retail themselves, creating relationships with end consumers while showcasing their own offerings."
A ilusão da segunda parte leva ao que há anos aqui chamo de hollowing. O hollowing leva os consumidores a duvidarem das marcas clássicas e a virarem-se para o genuíno, o autêntico. Uma oportunidade para o fenómeno do "Terceiro".

Trechos retirados de "Stage Experiences or Go Extinct"

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