quarta-feira, julho 13, 2016

Configurar como deve ser

Continuando a leitura de "Monetizing Innovation" de Ramanujam e Tacke, depois de "Segmentar como deve ser", os autores propõem: configurar como deve ser:
"But first, a clarification: Our definition of product configuration refers to the decision of which features and functionalities will be included in a product. In some industries, like software and tech, product configuration is also referred to by the term packaging. By bundling, we mean combining a product or service with other products and services.

Product Configuration Done Right.
Doing product configuration right means you design a product with the right features for a segment—that is, just the features customers are willing to pay for. This is a core tenet of designing new products that will succeed in the marketplace. Too many features lead to feature shock products, especially if your customers are not wild about those features. If they are wild about them and you didn't realize it, you design a minivation. Products with features that customers won't pay for wind up undead.

By having their feature sets tailored to each segment's needs, value, and WTP, each offering finally had a distinct value proposition. The design of these products also minimized the chances they would cannibalize one another, since customers clearly saw what they gave up at the lower price points. [Moi ici: Como não recordar a beleza da solução Dow vs Xiameter] The way we like to put it is that the company established clear "fences" between its products. Customers only get a low price if they go without extra product or logistics services; the company can offer a low price on this product because value and costs are lower."
E na sua empresa... que configuração faz?

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