sábado, julho 16, 2016

Apostar no pricing

Interessante como o conselho que tantas vezes sugiro às PME aparece neste texto, "The Pricing Opportunity That Chemical Companies Are Missing", dirigido a empresas grandes com muitos administradores e carregados de MBA.
"Chemical companies that dedicate enormous resources to reducing costs or selling greater volumes often overlook one of the most effective ways to boost margins: improving pricing capabilities.[Moi ici: Quem conhece o Evangelho do Valor sabe da relação entre o preço e a margem, muito mais interessante que a relação entre o custo e a margem.]
fixing pricing requires a fresh approach and a new mindset. Customers, even when buying commodities, take other things into account: their relationship with the supplier, reliability and value-added services. Sometimes they buy from a particular company just so they can work with technical experts who can teach them ways to improve their business.
Pricing is more critical today than ever before, as purchasing departments have become more sophisticated—and more aggressive.
Understandably, many chemical companies are focused on other priorities: improving their products, increasing operational efficiency or selling out their production inventory. Some think of pricing as a one-time fix, a box to be checked."

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