sábado, junho 11, 2016

Tantas lições para quem quer criar uma comunidade

Um pequeno artigo "One unlikely sporting goods store is thriving as retailers implode everywhere" mas cheio de lições para quem não quer perder o pé no retalho tradicional:
"there are four other distinct reasons why REI is thriving when other retailers aren't:
1. These products contribute to an experienceThis has been said over and over again: millennials love experiences.[Moi ici: Produtos desenhados para um contexto]
Camping and hiking are experience. (And highly Instagrammable ones, too.) In order to complete those tasks, you need the equipment...which in turn, makes it a necessary purchase. This isn't typical of apparel companies.
2. People will be willing to pay a premium for a high quality productMost people don't want to shell out lots of money for apparel; they've been conditioned to never shop at a premium. ... Even though some consumers cannot grasp that concept — you'd be hard pressed to find someone who'd disagree with the fact that it's worth it to buy a quality backpack or hiking boots if he or she going for a walk in the woods.
3. It doesn't sell brands you can get anywhere...
4. It has created a community — which is marketing gold"[Moi ici: Basta visitar o sítio para perceber tantas e tantas pistas para criar uma comunidade a partir da interacção que co-cria valor: a partilha das fotos; a partilha de know-how "We asked: What are your must-haves on every car camping trip? And you gave us a ton of answers! Check out these crowdsourced responses that complete the car camp experience."; a distribuição dos lucros, os projectos verdes "REI Funds Construction of the First Relief Center in Nepal’s Namche Bazaar and Green Energy Project in a Remote Community; Year-long Effort Supports Sustainable Living and Tourism"; animação de eventos "REI Outessa Summit Launches Weekend Getaways of Outdoor Adventure for Women" ou "Enjoy the best of what our National Parks have to offer without all the prep work and planning. Campsites at REI Signature Camping Trips include all amenities and expert guides who take care of itineraries and mouthwatering meals." Este último fez-me recordar "Mais uma sugestão de modelo de negócio"]
Pois, recordar:
"The only way to hook customers into a store would be to make shopping there an 'experience' - but Saunders pointed out that Sports Authority isn't a "destination for consumers" and it's "cheaper and more convenient to shop online or at rivals.""
Pois... recuar a 1983 e à minha primeira ida ao Douro Internacional de mochila às costas nas férias da Páscoa. Logo, pensei na compra de saco-cama decente (pontos 1 e 2)

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