sexta-feira, junho 24, 2016

Qual é a lógica? (parte III)

Parte I e parte II.

"If you want to position yourself as a higher end brand or if you have slimmer margins, you may want to consider sticking to customer loyalty type offers rather than weekly sales. This helps increase the perceived value of your product and increase your average order value.
One of the biggest problems with discounting is cutting into your bottom line.
However, it’s important to consider if price is your only competitive advantage. The thing to keep in mind is that offering discounts is a form of selling on price. When you offer a discount, you are taking the focus from the value you provide and placing it squarely on your price.
To maintain higher prices, you have to instead be adept at selling value. Discounts erode your ability to do that. Any reduction in prices can damage your price integrity. Later, getting the same customer to stop thinking about price and re-focus on value might be difficult."

Trechos retirados de "Should You Offer Discounts or Coupons?"

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