segunda-feira, junho 20, 2016

Plataformas em todo o lado

"But the nature of competition and strategy is quite different in a platform-based business, said Van Alstyne:
  • The goal is interactions [Moi ici Estão a ver porque isto é perigoso ""] that yield network effects and provide growth and sustainability, - not protecting market niches or erecting industry barriers.
  • Industry boundaries can be altered as appropriate, - rather than sticking to sharply defined categories.
  • Competition is multi-layered, “more like 3D chess”, - rather than just relaying on product differentiation or lower costs.
  • Competitors are turned into complementors that offer their products or services on the platform - there’s no longer a need to own unique, inimitable resources.
With platforms, a critical strategic aim is strong up-front design that will attract the desired participants, enable the right interactions (so-called core interactions), and encourage ever-more-powerful network effects… while guarding against threats remains critical, the focus of strategy shifts to eliminating barriers to production and consumption in order to maximize value creation…  To that end, platform executives must make smart choices about access (whom to let onto the platform) and governance (or control - what consumers, producers, providers, and even competitors are allowed to do there)…”
Trecho retirado de "Platforms and the New Rules of Strategy"

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