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O consumidor de Mongo (parte II)

Parte I.
"2. We want convenience...
Convenience is the new basis of loyalty. If things don’t happen for customers quickly or easily, they will quickly go elsewhere. Today’s consumers want extreme simplicity
Many more mature companies struggle with the idea of extreme simplicity, as they have built their products, services and infrastructure around the idea that everything must be complete and perfect and therefore complex.
3. We want a human connectionIt is an interesting paradox of the digital world that the more we embrace digital, the more powerful human beings become again. It is the law of scarcity: human contact declines in frequency and therefore its value rises in the eyes of the customer. Of course, you cannot automate the human element of the customer relationship.[Moi ici: Recordar o que escrevemos: "Every visit customers have to make are an opportunity for interaction and co-creation"]
4. We want to buy from awesome companies:
... there is a growing group of companies that consumers connect with on an emotional level and begin to really pride themselves in buying from them, acting as brand advocates.
5. When digital becomes human...
If a brand is really going to stand out from the crowd, however, they must consider the role people play in the customer relationship. Only by allowing consumers to make a genuine human, emotional connection will they establish themselves as a favorite brand, so a strategy that combines modern PR and modern HR is required to capture people’s imaginations."
Os 5 pontos não são nada simpáticos para as empresas grandes habituadas a confiar na eficiência, na automatização e na generalização.

Trechos retirados de "How the digital world is shaping the modern consumer", Strategic Direction, Vol. 32 Iss 5, Steven Van Belleghem , (2016).

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