quinta-feira, junho 16, 2016

O consumidor de Mongo (parte I)

Algumas sugestões sobre o consumidor de Mongo:
"If businesses today are going to compete, it is vital that they think about exactly who their customers are today, how they behave and how they expect companies to interact with them. Through my research into consumer behavior, the following four characteristics are already becoming apparent in today’s consumer, and this is only likely to increase in the near future.
1. We want to be treated as individualsToday, the ideal segment size today is one. We are evolving toward a situation where everyone has his or her own services and products, tailored to their individual needs. Connected technology and intelligent use of data have already enabled extreme personalization when it comes to on-demand services, and the logical next step is for personalized products. One of my favorite examples of this is “nrml” in New York – a store that makes personalized earphones based on just five photographs of your ear. They are made on site and adapted by a 3D printer so that your earphones fit perfectly. This new trend of extreme personalization of products could certainly be a sign of things to come, especially as home 3D printing becomes more common."
Nada que seja novidade para este blogue que prevê esta evolução há muitos anos. O que é muito interessante, associado a esta evolução, é a tendência para empresas mais pequenas e especializadas, mais interacção, mais co-criação, mais tribalismo e muito mais diversidade.

Trechos retirados de "How the digital world is shaping the modern consumer", Strategic Direction, Vol. 32 Iss 5,Steven Van Belleghem , (2016).

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