quarta-feira, junho 08, 2016

"Never be reactionary if you can help it."

Imaginem a quantidade de sectores económicos a quem o título se aplica "So Your Industry Is Changing. Now What?"
  • Lacticínios;
  • Suinicultores;
  • Táxis;
  • Calçado;
  • Vestuário;
  • Retalho físico;
  • Mobiliário;
  • Construção;
  • ...
"Even the savviest founders aren't always the first ones out of the gate with the next big idea. But the best ones don't panic. They learn from what their fellow entrepreneurs are doing, sure, but they also know that the key to staying one step ahead and not letting new, shiny innovation swallow them whole lies not in replicating the technology of their peers, but in digging in deeper with their audience."
Como é que os dirigentes associativos mais mediatizados costumam reagir perante a mudança? Defendendo o passado e anatemizando a mudança:
"Think of disruption as one big, jarring piece of user feedback on your industry as a whole and you'll have a good jumping off point to make the necessary adjustments.
When your industry is thrust into change, you have only one acceptable outcome: product transformation. Get excited, embrace it - these opportunities to grow don't come around every day. Stay one step ahead by first taking a big step back and doing an audit on yourself.
First, assess your current customer experience. What's missing from making it more seamless? Draw up a roadmap of your product compared to your newest, flashy competitor's. Where are the forks in that road? Put yourself back in the mindset of your customer and ask where the pain points, however small, exist on your road."
Esta é demasiado forte:
"Never be reactionary if you can help it." 

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