terça-feira, junho 07, 2016

Diferenciação (parte IV)

Parte I e parte II e parte III.
"As regards the analysis of added value and portfolio of products, experts have found it relevant to look at the evolution of international demand and dairy prices and how the organisation of the supply chain affects the distribution of added value along the supply chain. Two experts (Paolo Sckokai and Joost M.E. Pennings) predict that an increasing share of milk will be processed into high value products, with a lesser share devoted to industrial products. They add that the abolishment of milk quotas will allow for more innovation with positive effects on the variety and added value of dairy products. This will result from enhanced level of competitiveness on the market. Ludwig Theuvsen foresees no major impact of the removal of the milk quota system on product portfolios and added value."
Subir na escala de valor, diferenciar, decomoditizar, fugir da tirania da comoditização. Tudo dependente de pensamento estratégico.

Trechos retirados de  "AGRI-2012-C4-04 - Analysis on future developments in the milk sector Prepared for the European Commission - DG Agriculture and Rural Development" (Setembro de 2013)

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