quinta-feira, junho 16, 2016

Cuidado com a ISO 9001


"Great strategies answer five critical questions (“the strategic five”) in ways that are unique to your company: (1) What business or businesses should your company be in? (2) How should you add value to your businesses? (3) Who should be the target customers for your businesses? (4) What should be your value propositions to those target customers? (5) What capabilities should differentiate your ability to add value to your businesses and deliver their value propositions?
You won’t find the answers to these questions in most strategy concepts. Consider total quality management (TQM),[Moi ici: Substituir TQM por ISO 9001] a prescription for reducing cost by minimizing error. TQM is mostly silent on what kind of businesses should be in your portfolio and why, or who your target customers should be and why they’re glad your company exists. It is also a dangerously narrow prescription for what you have to be better at doing than anyone else to achieve and sustain great success.
Instead of asking “Should we adopt TQM?” leaders should ask “How can TQM improve our answers to the strategic five?”"
Quem trabalha comigo na implementação de sistemas de gestão da qualidade (SGQ) (ISO 9001) sabe o quão importante é para mim fazer do SGQ uma forma de alinhar a empresa na resposta aquelas 5 perguntas estratégicas. Daí esta figura:

Trecho retirado de "Why Popular Strategies Always Fade"

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