domingo, junho 12, 2016

Cuidado com as boas-práticas!

"Best practices are techniques that supposedly are proved to be widely successful, but in reality, they’re easy to copy-and-paste and can be disguised as one-size-fits-all solutions.
Few management approaches are universally applicable, and attempts to implement a mismatched approach can do more harm than good. 
Every best practice is a paradox by its nature and makes itself obsolete.
While it works for some to start with understanding the why (principles) before the how (practices), other times it’s better to start with the how before the why. In other words, it’s not necessarily wrong to implement the practice first and understand the principles after. Oftentimes people and organizations learn best by doing first and understanding what works and what didn’t later, perhaps through a postmortem or a retrospective."

Recordar "Dedicado aos que seguem a Religião do Grande Geómetra" ou "Não existem boas-práticas!!!"

Trechos retirados de "Best Practices Are Killing Your Company"

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