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Acerca do mapa da estratégia (parte II)

Parte I.
"Strategy maps expose gaps between strategy formulation and execution, direct attention to flaws in the BSC and enable top management to reformulate strategies if necessary. As a result, organizations can be sure that the attainment of the BSC’s (operative) objectives ensures reaching its strategic goals."
Algumas descobertas que a empresa fez com este mapa da estratégia:

  • não fazemos promoção a sério da marca, não temos ninguém a trabalhar o Marketing;
  • não relacionamos inovação com margens ou preço médio;
  • nunca percebemos que trabalhamos para um ecossistema e que diferentes agentes têm de ser abordados de forma diferente porque valorizam propostas de valor diferentes
"Strategy maps improve understanding the business model behind the performance measurement system, which must fit the strategy it is supposed to assess. The strategy map functions as a link between these two.
The strategy map forces BSC-implementers to think about specific goals they want to achieve, and how they need to be measured. [Moi ici: Construído o mapa da estratégia os indicadores aparecem naturalmente] Research documents that employees who use strategy maps find it easier to identify strategically important activities and are more effective in quantifying targets during the subsequent BSC implementation. Overall, it appears that the strategy is reflected better in the performance measurement system if a strategy map is involved beforehand."

Trechos retirados de "Strategy maps: the essential link between the balanced scorecard and action", Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 36 Iss 2 pp. 34 - 40. "Rainer Lueg , (2015)

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