segunda-feira, junho 20, 2016

Acerca da servitization (parte II)

Parte I.
Esta semana, já depois de ter escrito "Acerca da servitization" ouvi, incrédulo na rádio uma versão deste caso "Update on Incident: TAP A332 at Lisbon on Jul 12th 2014, engine shut down in flight". O meu lado cínico à solta pôs-me logo a pensar em que muito do que se escreve como exemplo pode não passar de infoplacement, uma forma mais rebuscada de publicidade sem conteúdo real.
Isto é muito lindo:
"Equipment focussed product life-cycle offerings including maintenance services support products already sold. An ongoing support tends to become on-site maintenance.
Asset focused managed services create a higher level of complexity as they are made up of different but interlinked or interdependent pieces of equipment and several suppliers. This calls for a dedicated organizational function to manage the assets and coordinate the support activities. A servitizing manufacturing firm can find an opportunity to enter this area of managed services.
Process focused advisory or consulting services can offer technical and management advice, pro-active problem solving through co-innovation as well as reactive problem solving. Given sufficient understanding of their customer´s and user´s world the servitized manufacturing firm can offer and even implement solutions using their own monetary resources, their own equipment and other physical assets, their own relationships, their competence in people and processes, their own brands etc."
Contudo, quando se adia uma manutenção programada porque não havia espaço na agenda do responsável pela manutenção...
"The difficulty for the engine manufacturer, for reasons related to the contracts with the various operators and/or availability, to schedule an earlier Quick Turn that resulted in ESN 811471 engine reaching a CSN above the desired (taking into account the record of previous events) for its removal;"

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