domingo, junho 12, 2016

A economia não é um jogo de soma nula

"Although there is nothing wrong with commitment and perseverance, I, however, think sport (much less war) is often an unhelpful analogy. Good management is not like a competitive sport. And managing your company as if it is, can lead your business astray – or at least create a mighty corporate mess.
A more useful comparison is that of a builder of communities, with investors, suppliers, partners and, most of all, your employees.
At the end of the day, organizations are collections of people; this means that superior organizations need more effective ways for them to cooperate and work toward a common goal.
Research backs this up. Several studies have examined the characteristics of resources that, over time, lead to superior performance. The conclusion of this stream of research is that these resources are usually intangible and community based, such as relationships, trust, culture, identity, or knowledge sharing. That is because, ultimately, competitive advantage comes from people, rather than products or patents."
Recordar porque deixei de considerar o David vs Golias mas o David e Golias: "David tem tudo a ganhar em fugir de um confronto directo com Golias"

Trechos retirados de "Stop Comparing Management to Sports"

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