segunda-feira, maio 30, 2016

Um conselho que ignoramos muitas vezes

Um conselho que ignoramos muitas vezes "A Self-Improvement Secret: Work on Strengths":
"But why give so much attention to improving our weaknesses? Why not build on our strengths?
New research by psychologists Andreas Steimer and André Mata sheds light on these questions. The team found that people believe that they can change their weaknesses more than their strengths.
Neglecting strengths might also have negative consequences. People may believe that their weaknesses will be lost over time, but that their strengths are there to stay. Because of this, we might not be very motivated to work on our strengths.
If we choose to think about our ability to develop our strengths, we might seek out different opportunities for self-growth that capitalize on our strengths. One way to improve yourself is to sharpen a skill you already have."

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