terça-feira, maio 10, 2016

Reshoring - Um exemplo concreto

""We were looking for tighter quality control," says Jay Walder, the company's new CEO, who previously ran city transit systems in both New York and Hong Kong. "It's a heck of a lot easier to visit a vendor in Detroit than it is to visit a vendor in China. It actually saves us costs in doing it."
Detroit-made bicycles can also be made and delivered more quickly.
The factory is building a new version of the bike, designed by custom bike designer Ben Serotta, that attempts to address some of the problems faced by earlier designs."
Um exemplo concreto do que significa apostar na redução dos custos de aquisição em detrimento de simplesmente reduzir preços. Um exemplo concreto do que no agregado está por trás do fenómeno do reshoring.
Recordar "Preço ou custo?"
Trechos retirados de "The Country's Largest Bike-Share Operator Is Now Making Its Bikes In Detroit"

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