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Orquestradores de redes

"Our insights are based on the simple premise that different business models, based on different types of assets and technologies, create different economic outcomes. We identified four business models, each with its own value proposition:
-Asset builders deliver value through the use of physical goods (physical capital). These companies make, market, distribute, sell and lease physical things.
-Service providers deliver value through skilled people (human capital). These companies hire and develop workers who provide services to customers for which they charge.
-Technology creators deliver value through ideas (intellectual capital). These companies develop and sell intellectual property, such as software, analytics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
-Network orchestrators deliver value through relationships (network capital). These companies create a platform that participants use to interact or transact with the many other members of the network. They may sell products, build relationships, share advice, give reviews, collaborate and more.
By leveraging technology and the network effect, network orchestrators outperformed the rest. Network orchestrators, on average, grew revenues faster, generated higher profit margins, and used assets more efficiently than companies using the other three business models. These advantages resulted in remarkably higher enterprise values when compared with revenues.
Networked business models unlock greater growth, revenue, profit, and value, but achieving them requires existing leaders to adapt not only what they do, but also how they think, in order to adapt their people, processes, products and technologies to the network world. Shifting away from your deeply ingrained industry and organizational mental models is a very difficult and important issue that this column will explore. We will address not just the why, better value, growth and profits, but also what to do and how to get started."
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