sábado, maio 14, 2016


Ao longo dos anos tenho escrito aqui no blogue sobre o advento de Mongo, sobre um mundo muito mais de agentes pequenos do que de multinacionais, sobre um mundo de tribos cada vez mais numerosas e orgulhosas.
No último ano tenho reflectido aqui sobre outra tendência, o pós-Uber, as plataformas cooperativas, as plataformas sem intermediário, as plataformas peer-to-peer.
Por isso, parece interessante esta proposta "Fermat"
"Fermat’s central premise is that there is a path to software development that is smarter, better and more efficient than the status quo. The Fermat framework allows anyone from anywhere to collaborate and mutually profit from shared ownership of modular applications: it enables an open­ended stream of micropayments to authors of reusable software components that can be perpetually combined and recombined to create an ever­expanding library of useful, highly­customizable, peer­to­peer commercial applications (apps).
Fermat is:
● a vision of a world of peer­to­peer (p2p) free markets
● a plan to get there
● a global community incentivized to execute the plan
● the foundational framework currently under development.
Our roadmap to a better world starts at the end. Our first step is to envision a future where cryptocurrency is mass­adopted; fiat currencies are already completely digitized; and people have the freedom to choose which electronic currencies they use, where to store them and how and when to exchange that purchasing power.
We foresee an entire ecosystem of powerful apps that:
● allow business to be done free of middlemen
● operate with both digital fiat and cryptocurrencies
● are censorship resistant
● treat content as digital assets for which authorship is fully compensated"

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