segunda-feira, maio 09, 2016

É melhor prepararmos-nos

Primeiro, gostaria de recordar Nassim Taleb e uma frase que muito aprecio:
"Economists fail to get w/ GDP growth that anything that grows without an "S" curve (slowing down phase) blows up."
Depois, esta reflexão:
"So instead of merely praising firms that are doing well and excoriating those that do badly, perhaps we should look at the one true thing that all successful companies have in common—sooner or later all hit hard times. Technology changes, markets turn and consumer tastes turn fickle. When any of those things happen, you will take a hit.
And if you look at anybody who has achieved extraordinary success, you will find that they transcend failure.
So instead of trying to find that magical skill or strategy which will rocket us to the top, we’d be better off preparing ourselves for the rocky road ahead. [Moi ici: Conversa perigosa para os fragilistas, sempre confiantes no alinhamento dos astros em seu favor] We are sure to falter at some point—and probably often—but that never has to be the end of the story. The only way to truly fail is to stop trying; the only true disgrace is to accept defeat."
Trecho retirado de "Can One Thing Make Your Business Successful?"

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