quarta-feira, maio 25, 2016

Dinheiro em cima da mesa

A propósito de deixar dinheiro em cima da mesa, "Your New Hit Product Might Be Underpriced":
"The odds are stacked against new products or services. Between 65% and 75% miss their revenue or profit goals, depending on whose research you look at.
But one innovation pitfall is particularly insidious because it doesn’t involve an outright failure; in fact, these product launches actually do well in the marketplace. But they don’t do nearly as well as they could, leaving big revenue and profit on the table.
We term these product launches “minivations” and they are the result of product developers who don’t realize just how much value their offerings would provide to customers. They then grossly underestimate how much customers would be willing to pay for them and charge prices far below what they could have charged."
Conhecendo o Evangelho do Valor ... podem imaginar o quanto dinheiro fica em cima da mesa!

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