sexta-feira, maio 06, 2016

Código e modelo de negócio

Um texto, "Case Study: Should You Adjust Your Business Model for a Major Customer?", que sublinho aqui numa dupla função.
Primeiro, mais um exemplo de até onde o "é meter código nisso!" nos pode levar:
"Lumiscape’s products [Moi ici: Lâmpadas e luminárias para iluminação pública] were designed to gather all sorts of data, including humidity, motion, and seismic activity, and, most important, UVA, UVB, and ambient light so that they could save electricity by dimming when appropriate. The innovative system promised to reduce local governments’ energy consumption and maintenance costs and improve their constituent relationships."
Segundo, mais um exemplo dos novos modelos de negócio:
"The year before, prompted by all this, Lumiscape’s leadership had decided to pivot from a sales model to a subscription model. Instead of selling the streetlights and leaving the cities to manage them, the company would rent them out for a monthly fee, with installation, maintenance, and monitoring software all included. Lumiscape had also piloted a program in three sites to add Wi-Fi connectivity to the lights, allowing cities to offer internet service in public spaces."

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