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Acerca dos "service ecosystems" (parte II)

Parte I.
"Traditionally, the majority of views on markets in the marketing literature has been grounded in neoclassical economic thought, which views markets as ‘a priori’ realities that emphasise ‘products’ as the foundational ingredients in all business activities
Markets viewed from a service ecosystems perspective, on the other hand, are neither seen as predetermined nor static, but as being continually ‘performed’ through the enactment of practices of systemic actors and their direct and indirect connections. [Moi ici: Mercados não como um dado mas como uma variável] In other words, this view highlights the participation of multiple actors, who interactively and interdependently exchange and integrate resources in ways that are much broader than restricted exchanges.
Consequently, a service ecosystems view of markets highlights that value co-creation practices are not limited to producer and consumer dyads, but that markets are continually formed and reformed through the activities of broader sets of social and economic actors. Kjellberg and Helgesson (2006, 2007) view markets as the ongoing results of three types of practices: (1) exchange practices, (2) normalizing practices, and (3) representational practices. Exchange practices are routinized activities related to economic exchanges in a market (including restricted exchange); normalizing practices are those that contribute to establishing rules or social norms related to a market; and representational practices are those that depict what a market is and how it works."
Trechos retirados de "Extending actor participation in value creation: an institutional view" de Heiko Wieland, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari & Stephen L. Vargo, publicado por Journal of Strategic Marketing, 2015

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