segunda-feira, maio 16, 2016

Acerca do "endowment effect"

Ainda a propósito de "The Power of Customisation Without The Pain" de onde retiro estes trechos:
"The desire for more unique and authentic products means customers will respond positively to being asked for input rather than just choice. Building emotional connections requires them to imagine the product while creating it, see their lives with the product and how it fits them, long before they commit to buy, let alone receive the product. This emotional connection will encourage them to buy, so it is important to encourage them to develop it early.
Remember emotional branding: your customer should already be envisioning the sheets on their own bed when looking at your website, and not want to look elsewhere because yours look perfect. To do that, I would recommend very realistic product visualisation with the different SKUs broken down to their constituent design elements.
So from a customer’s perspective, once they’ve selected the right “product”, they see a stunning visualisation of the sheets on a bed so that they can easily make the mental leap to imagining owning them."
Como não relacionar isto com o "endowment effect". Ver "Why Buyers and Sellers Inherently Disagree on What Things Are Worth":
"A third tactic is to get buyers to touch, hold, or imagine owning the good. Experiences like interacting with a product through a touchscreen, receiving a coupon for it, or temporarily being the highest bidder for it in an auction all have the potential to induce the endowment effect for the product if they make us feel like we own it."

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