quinta-feira, abril 21, 2016

"The essence of a relational marketing strategy"

Em "Experiential marketing : secrets, strategies, and success stories from the world’s greatest brands" de Kerry Smith e Dan Hanover pode ler-se:
"With the long‐term benefits a relationship provided to brands came a transfer of power from companies to their customers. Gone were the days of using one‐way marketing to stimulate sales. A relationship, by definition, requires two active and willing participants who show intent to each other. Without relationship intent, there can be no relationship consent. And while brands can’t create relationship intent for the customer, they can foster, accelerate, and influence it—with
Successfully creating and using experiences to generate long‐term relationships requires an understanding of how an experience scientifically fosters a relationship.
Experiences create emotions that drive people to respond to each other and “feel” a certain way. ... an emotion technically emerges as the brain connects neurotransmitters, neuroactive peptides, and hormones—resulting in the musculoskeletal system generating a mental and emotional response.
Marketers use experiences to affect a target audience. No matter the audience or the company, there is always the intention to use an experience to distribute a message or content that incites an emotion or action (a behavioral response)."
Aquele sublinhado lá de cima joga bastante bem com:
"The essence of a relational marketing strategy is a tacit understanding that marketers and consumers are on equal footing. Anytime marketers employ a nudge to influence consumers, they are rejecting this status quo and claiming an informational or motivational superiority over their customers." 
E a sua empresa, como comunica com os seus clientes? Que tipo de relação desenvolve?
Trecho retirado de "Why Nudging Your Customers Can Backfire"

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