sábado, abril 02, 2016

Quando os ecossistemas encontram o "é meter código nisso"

"The Internet of Things is a good example of this change. Every industry, no matter how traditional — agriculture, automotive, aviation, energy — is being upended by the addition of sensors, internet connectivity, and software. Success in this environment will depend on more than just creating better digital-enabled products; it will depend on building ecosystem-level strategies that encompass the many moving pieces that come together to create the new value proposition.
Understanding and deciphering ecosystem-level disruption will be the key for executives in the coming decade.
The first step to taking an ecosystem perspective is to distinguish between situations where your ability to create value depends mostly on your own execution (product-based world) and situations where your value creation is critically impacted by the activities of other firms and technologies (ecosystem world). If you are competing in an ecosystem world, you must pay as much attention to the progress of co-innovators as to your own innovation efforts. This means recognizing when their slow development will act as a bottleneck to your own growth and when their accelerating development can fuel the growth of substitutes."
Um excelente texto, "Many Companies Still Don’t Know How to Compete in the Digital Age", para ler mais do que uma vez e ficar a ruminar nas ligações à série "É meter código nisso"

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