sexta-feira, abril 22, 2016

Outro momento Janus

Dois no mesmo dia... sintoma de algo mais profundo ou apenas a variabilidade a funcionar?
Em linha com a previsão da democratização da produção, com o advento de Mongo e o seu impacte nos paradigmas do emprego, da produção e do comércio do século XX:
"It was, of course, a messy, often ugly, nonlinear process. The single hardest task was internal: Americans had to change how they thought about themselves. Not only did some of the iconic jobs of the 20th century not exist in the 19th century; they weren’t conceivable. There weren’t many large corporations, so there was less of a tradition of specialized jobs with narrow tasks. People had to learn to think of national markets, huge firms, accredited professions, new forms of urban identity.
 Today, lots of people are finding ways to improve their own lot — and overall productivity — on their own. They sell crafts on Etsy, get funding on Kickstarter, build toys with 3-D printers. They learn through online classes and prove their skills on sites like Topcoder.
Right now, the benefits of this digital, shared, distributed economy are accruing only to a tiny group of people and, even more, to the companies that serve them. But it’s at least conceivable that digital technology could help build new models of education, new ways for workers to collectively bargain, new tools to allow more people to identify and sell their skills and ideas to those who want them. There could be financial products that make it easier to withstand increasing volatility and insecurity. There could be an easier path to entrepreneurship, so more people with good ideas could present them to the market."
Isto por contraponto com:
"In the last century, the main way a person’s productivity rose was by going to work at a large company and doing what the boss said." 
Conseguem imaginar a litania, a ladainha, a procissão de coitadinhos, os bandos de incumbentes a protestar, a violentar, a reclamar contra o progresso porque lhes vai roubar o queijo?
Por mim, começo logo a imaginar comunidades locais mais dinâmicas a permitirem trocas onde o IVA ou a SS não entra.

Trechos retirados de "Are We Doomed to Slow Growth?"

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