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Lidar com a incerteza

Basta recordar os marcadores:

  • cortisol; e
  • locus de controlo
Para enquadrar este texto "9 Methods For Embracing Uncertainty":
"1. Stay positive and choose your beliefsYour beliefs shape your reality and your world: beliefs about yourself, what you’re good at, ... People who are good at change are optimists at their core.
2. The change guaranteeThis states that, "From this situation, something good will come." Write this down somewhere you will see it often. Write it in your office for others to see. ... be obsessed with your attitude, how you show up—especially in the midst of change. ... they are not focused on the past (the deal they did not get or the bad decision they made); they do not compare themselves to others; they do not play the "poor me" game (how unlucky they have been); and they keep a sense of newness and momentum.
4. Meet the change demons!People who are good at change are very human; they make mistakes, they feel their emotions, but know how to move past them. ... Find the emotion that is stronger—for example, instead of blaming someone for the major mess-up that happened, how can you take responsibility for fixing it?
5. Accept changeChange itself is not the hard part; resistance to the change is.
  1. What do you need to stop resisting? (e.g. changing the business model)
  1. What do you need to get honest about? (e.g. your overspending)
  1. What are you avoiding? (e.g. firing someone you know is not working out)
6. You can’t control everythingDo not try and control other people. Instead, control your language and the words you use; ... Your inner state is the only thing you really can control.
9. Take action...
When it comes to action, it is the small changes that create the bigger results, over and over. Little things are not little for the entrepreneur—they are everything. If something does not work, continue changing your approach. Do not simply think about it—get on the court and try it. You will get feedback very soon."
 Não se deixar contaminar pelos Pigarros desta vida é fundamental.

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