sábado, abril 02, 2016

"Jongleurs" - Precisam-se (parte II)

Parte I, "5 empresas numa" e "Jongleurs: será mesmo assim?"
Isto a propósito de "Great Innovators Create the Future, Manage the Present, and Selectively Forget the Past".
Quero salientar esta perspectiva:
"the challenge goes beyond being ambidextrous enough to manage today’s business while creating tomorrow’s. There is a third, and even more intractable, problem: letting go of yesterday’s values and beliefs that keep the company stuck in the past.
the future is not located on some far-off horizon, and you cannot postpone the work of building it until tomorrow. To get to the future, you must build it day by day. That means being able to selectively set aside certain beliefs, assumptions, and practices created in and by the past that would otherwise become a rock wall between your business of today and its future potential.
Even as old ideas and practices choke off the new future they’re trying to create, organizations find it very difficult to overcome the power of the past."
A capacidade para atirar fora a parte do passado que não nos deixa subir para o futuro é crucial

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