domingo, abril 17, 2016

Estratégia não é matemática nem física newtoniana

A propósito de melhores-práticas, a propósito da paranóica concentração no que faz a concorrência, a propósito das idiossincrasias nas empresas, a propósito da concorrência imperfeita, a propósito de consultores com respostas enlatadas:
"strategy is not only about analysis, positioning, clever planning and effective implementation, but also about the experiences, convictions and beliefs of the people behind it. It is built on mental constructs, belief systems and ideologies, that are used to make sense of the world, and that determines visions as well as the way goals are pursued (i.e. different strategies to meet an end). Consequently, committing to one ideology almost makes you immune to the arguments at the other end of the spectrum, and even immune to change.
Hence, awareness of our own business ideologies could be a first step to a more flexible approach to business and business strategy, rather than one based solely on unquestioned beliefs. Understanding the dominating ideology of your peers and of your organisation may also help you understand everyday conflict."
Estratégia não é matemática nem física newtoniana, estratégia é contextual, transitória, pessoal e subjectiva.

Trechos retirados de "Business Strategy: Are You Inside-Out or Outside-In?"

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