segunda-feira, abril 25, 2016

E quando um decisor descobre o numerador...

"To be clear, individual productivity is often a worthy goal. But leaders also need to stop thinking about productivity at an individual — or even team — level. It’s time to start shifting to an organizational mindset and set of tools that can provide full visibility into what work is actually getting done in aggregate, and where it does (or doesn’t) create value, however you define it. Approaching management in this way will require new approaches and won’t always be easy, but the technology firm example indicates that deep understanding of what’s really happening from day-to-day will likely have broad impacts on corporate structures, processes, and teams (indeed, the company in question is rethinking all of this)."
Passar do nível individual (pessoa ou tarefa) para o nível da organização, normalmente leva os dirigentes a descobrirem o seu papel e responsabilidade de actuar sobre o numerador:
E quando um decisor descobre o numerador... é como no final de "Wonderful Life", um anjo ganha asas, ou mais um lamed waf aparece para ajudar a suportar o mundo.

Trecho retirado de "The Paradox of Workplace Productivity"

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