domingo, abril 10, 2016

Acerca da boa gestão

"Because human nature doesn’t change, the fundamental art and science of managing human beings doesn’t change either – but you wouldn’t know it from reading the popular business press.
“[J]ust as the essence of medicine is not urinalysis (important though that is), the essence of management is not techniques and procedures,” wrote Drucker. “The essence of management is to make [people and their expertise] productive. Management, in other words, is a social function.”
Direct all of the organization’s work toward making strength productive and weakness irrelevant. On the organization’s behalf, this means holding every measure of effort, whether time, talent or treasure, accountable for the results it must produce in order to justify its expenditure. It is not enough to do something because it is traditional or “smart” or safe."
Trechos retirados de "Technology Changes, Good Management Doesn’t"

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