sexta-feira, março 18, 2016

Locus de controlo ou a sua ausência

Lembrei-me logo dos produtores de leite e dos suinicultores, que agora andam em manifestações de rua a pedir soluções, ao ler "A Bias for Action and Locus of Control":
"As I am reading Charles Duhigg’s new book, Smarter, Faster, Better, I am reminded that a “bias for action” and a “locus of control,” (believing that you have a choice and can complete some arduous task) is the foundation of motivation.
  • When we win deals, we talk about what we did to win, as if it was all our volition. When we lose deals, we pretend that certain factors beyond our control caused our loss, that we were powerless. The problem with believing that forces beyond your control are what causes your losses is disempowering. It means that you have no control, that you have to sit passively while the world acts on you.
  • The time to take the actions that ensure you win deals - or greatly improve your chances - is now. The time to deal without whatever obstacle you believe will cause you to lose is before you have lost. No one is coming to rescue you and your deal. You are going to have to save yourself."

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