quarta-feira, março 02, 2016

Favor tirar as palas

Este trecho retirado de "Confessions of the Pricing Man: How Price Affects Everything" de Hermann Simon devia fazer muita gente parar para pensar:
"Special discounts and price promotions - two standard forms of price cuts - are an everyday occurrence in retail , but they seem to occur with increasing frequency and depth. In recent years, promotions accounted for 50 % of beer sales in one of the world’s largest beer markets. Just two years later, some 70% of all beer  sales at the retail level came on special offer, with discounts as high as 50 %. Whether driven by opportunity or perceived necessity, this is clear evidence that managers think that aggressive prices help their business. But is this really true?"
Entretanto, assistimos ao crescimento da cerveja artesanal, mais cara:

Faz logo pensar nesta figura:
A maioria concentra-se na massa dos overserved e esquece-se do potencial de margem que existe nos underserved. 
Claro, não podem é ser servidos da mesma forma e pela mesma estrutura.

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