quarta-feira, março 02, 2016

Calçar os sapatos do cliente

"Too many salespeople confine themselves to an established budget. Think return-on-investment, make it a financial decision and not a product decision. That’s how the CEO or CFO view their decision. If you have a profit angle, they want to hear it. If you have a product story, they will defer to others.
There is a good chance that a fat, dumb and happy incumbent is not paying attention to the economics of their customer’s business. What is happening with their topline growth? What are the trends? What are the keys to their growth strategies? Are they growing their business profitably? Are they efficient and growing operating margins at desired levels? How would your total solution drive revenue growth so critical to executive management? The more you know about these issues, the stronger your message will be as you gain the attention of the economic decision makers. If you answer these questions, you will positon yourself as a salesperson there to solve problems, someone who is focused on profitability.
Of course, you need to understand how your “total solution” will impact profitability."
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Trechos retirados de "Selling Against a Strong Incumbent? Change the Game"

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