domingo, março 20, 2016

América e o comércio internacional

Lembrei-me do significado de "Mongo e a automatização... pois!" em que reflicto sobre a decisão da Mercedes retirar autómatos da linha de montagem para os substituir por humanos.
Lembrei-me da habitual postura gringa de concentração no preço como factor de decisão que refiro em "Tit for tat" e da sua habitual falta de paciência estratégica.
Lembrei-me, depois de ter lido:
"John Strotbeck, a former Olympic rower and the founder and C.E.O. of the Philadelphia-based team-uniform maker Boathouse Sports, told me that his company tried a few years ago to start manufacturing some of its sports apparel in China, but brought the production line back to a factory in Philadelphia soon afterward. The main factor was the lead time from when a customer placed an order to delivery. “Six months, and today it is even longer,” he said, of timelines at Chinese factories. “Compare that to how fast we can be now: average from the date of the order to out the door is twenty working days. And our workers are flexible; they can work anywhere in the factory and on any equipment. If all of a sudden we get a spike in demand for Gortex outerwear, a labor-intensive product, we can shift more resources and take advantage of it.”"

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