segunda-feira, março 07, 2016

Acerca do valor durante o uso

Sobretudo para quem trabalha no B2C:
While value can be derived through interaction with the firm and its offerings, it can also arise through a process of consumption, which may be mostly independent of the company’s intervention or exchange. ViU extends beyond the co-production, exchange, and possession of a good or service, and it requires customers to learn how to use, repair, and maintain a product or service proposition. ViU is derived from the user’s use context and processes including time, location, or uncertain conditions, unique experience, stories, perception, and symbols, and relational affect. Value is co-created in use because customers assess and determine the value of a proposition on the basis of the specificity of their usage. ViU manifests in ways of mutual application of skills in the form of operand and operant resources of actors, which result in integrated stages of transformation.
ViU is the customer’s experiential evaluation of the product or service proposition beyond its functional attributes and in accordance with his/her individual motivation, specialized competences, actions, processes, and performances. The dyadic and networked actions of consumers reinforce their own beliefs and identity and result in associations and relationships with the proposition that enrich customers’ lives. The opportunity to apply and legitimize their own “meaning” or subjective assessment generates usage value. Additionally, in ViU, participants’ mental models attach value to the usage processes. These mental models have a specificity and uniqueness that offer personalization—a unique consumption value through the enjoyment of doing, or an idiosyncratic use process."
Trechos retirados de "Value co-creation: concept and measurement" de Kumar Rakesh Ranjan & Stuart Read, publicado por J. of the Acad. Mark. Sci.

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