segunda-feira, fevereiro 22, 2016

´Receita para evitar ter uma estratégia

Um pouco de ironia sobre como evitar ser estratégico:
"Be Reactive! Zig when everyone else zags. Proactivity is so 2007. Just instinctively react to every inquiry that you get, to everyone from India or Poland that emails you and wants to be your partner, to every event ... that asks you to speak, to everyone’s cousins’ brother-in-law that sat next to a guy on a plane that knows a guy who works at (or was it near) Google, and you’ll achieve your objectives. Planning is boring and being focused on your target markets takes all of the excitement out of being successful.
Be Everything to Everyone! Being strategic preaches focus and precision, then why would you mess with them when every man, woman, and child on the planet can so obviously benefit from your brilliance? Who cares if they can afford it or how they prefer their content; your stuff is so life-altering that they’ll all figure out how to pay for it and find it and master it. Target marketing is ridiculously limiting."
Trechos retirados de "Are You Strategy Avoidant?"

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