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O valor é subjectivo, ponto

O tema é muito mais vasto mas recomendo começar por:

Depois, ler este texto "Lessons from the Trading Game":
"There are at least seven lessons to take away from this game:
  1. Trading freely can add value even though the traded items remain physically unchanged.
  2. The more trading partners there are, the better—wealth and happiness are increased.
  3. A free exchange is a win-win game, not zero-sum.
  4. The game is win-win because of the rules set up beforehand—theft and coercion are not allowed, nor does anyone have to trade if they don’t want to.
  5. Scarcity is almost always real. You can’t have everything, so have to make tradeoffs.
  6. Opportunity costs—that is, economics does not ask “What do you want?,” but rather “How much do you want it?” which involves making tradeoffs, not having final solutions.
  7. Economic value is in the eye of the beholder.
  8. People trade, not governments. The Trade Deficit is an accounting fiction that doesn’t describe the economic fact that individuals are made better off from trading."
Recomendo a leitura do texto para perceber o que é o Trading Game
O valor é subjectivo, ponto.

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