sexta-feira, fevereiro 12, 2016

Mais uma peça para a construção de Mongo

Ontem no Twitter o Miguel chamou-me a atenção para este texto "Why Baby Boomers Refuse To Retire".
"Nearly half of boomers still working say they don’t expect to retire until they are 66 or older, including one in 10 who predict they will never retire.
How will all these aging boomers thrive in the 21st century? According to many experts on aging, it's increasingly by staying in the workforce, at the very least on a part-time basis.
Boomers don’t consider themselves old until around 72 years of age,
And most long-held culturally and historically embedded notions about how to retire are quickly becoming outdated. Many boomers no longer see themselves playing shuffle board, golfing, fishing and generally relaxing for the remainder of their days. Plus, age-related scientists now posit that a life overly focused on leisure and passive entertainment could actually promote poor health.
A 2014 study conducted by the Rush University Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago points to living a life of purpose (identified as having a strong sense of meaning, which frequently comes from essential paid employment and/or volunteer work) as highly conducive to reducing one’s susceptibility to stroke, dementia, movement problems, disability, and premature death. In short, full retirement is not a smart or healthy option."
Mas a parte mais interessante é esta "Gig Economy: Better for Boomers Than Millennials".
Os paradigmas criados no século XX a caírem todos, um a um. Por mim, saúdo esta evolução. Nunca fiz tenção de me reformar, até porque daqui a 15 anos poucos poderão viver com o que vão receber de reforma.
Mais uma peça para a construção de Mongo, esse mundo cheio de gente excêntrica, cheio de tribos, cheio de gente fora da caixa.

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