sábado, fevereiro 27, 2016

Curiosidade do dia

Por todo lado a descoberta do valor da interacção
"Why patient engagement is being called “the blockbuster drug of the century”
The goals of patient engagement range from getting people to review and manage their medical records and follow prescribed treatments to adopting healthy behaviors and seeing their health-care providers as partners. That kind of engagement has proved it can both lower costs and improve health outcomes—one reason why patient engagement has been called “the blockbuster drug of the century.”
“The more a patient is engaged with their care,” says Sheila Och, director of community health promotion at the Lowell Community Health Center, “the better they respond to their treatment, the better they follow the regimens, and the better they manage their chronic conditions. If individuals start achieving milestones it encourages them to continue.”"

Trechos retirados de Helping Patients Help Themselves. Ver também "The Blockbuster Drug of the Century: An Engaged Patient"
"Compared to those not enrolled in the study, coordinated care “patients have an 88 percent reduced risk of dying of a cardiac-related cause when enrolled within 90 days of a heart attack, compared to those not in the program.” And, “clinical care teams reduced overall mortality by 76 percent and cardiac mortality by 73 percent.”"
 Bom para relacionar com:
"in age of ubiquitous information, the scarce resource is actually human attention
the basis of competitive advantage is gradually shifting, away from information and knowledge per se, and towards decisive action and emotional conviction." 

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