quarta-feira, janeiro 13, 2016

Vendedores de banha da cobra

Uma mistura de "os macacos não voam" com crença no poder divinatório dos governos (o Grande Planeador, o Grande Geometra) em "Industry clusters: The modern-day snake oil":
"A recent study provides one more argument against government officials who tout “industry clusters” as the Holy Grail of regional growth and innovation.
The formula for creating these clusters is always the same: Pick a hot industry, build a technology park next to a research university, provide incentives for businesses to relocate, add some venture capital and then watch the magic happen. But, as I have noted before, the magic never happens.
 the key drivers of innovation in Norway are the communication channels that local entrepreneurs maintain to the outside world and their open-mindedness toward foreign cultures, change and new ideas. Companies that are “regionally minded” — that maintain ties only with players within the same cluster — are four times less likely to innovate than the globally connected. The study found that regional and national clusters are “irrelevant for innovation.”"
O fundamental é haver gente com coragem para empreender:
"rather than obsess over clusters, we need to start obsessing over people. We need to remove the obstacles to entre­pre­neur­ship — such as knowledge of how to start companies, fear of failure, lack of mentors and networks, government regulations and financing. And we need to repair our university research commercialization system so that research breakthroughs translate into invention. That’s the correct formula for nurturing regional growth." 
 Da próxima vez que ouvir um autarca e/ou um ministro a prometer magia a partir destes clusters top-down, lembre-se deste texto:

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