terça-feira, janeiro 05, 2016

Subscrição: uma forma de ajudar a melhorar a tomada de decisões?

Ao olhar para esta série de subscrições "14 Product Subscription Services to Simplify Your Life", afinal uma nova forma de desenvolver uma relação comercial com base num modelo de negócio diferente.
Dei comigo a pensar se não podiam ser vendidas de uma forma diferente... "escolher cansa o músculo do cérebro".
"Improving your decision-making
Switching from System 1 to System 2 is difficult, but research indicates it isn’t impossible. Here are some steps to switching on your conscious thought and making better decisions.
Automate as much as possible.
Our brain gets tired just like a muscle. When our brain is exhausted, we tend to make worse decisions. Researchers from the Harvard Business Review explain, “The busier people are, the more they have on their minds, and the more time constraints they face, the more likely they will be to rely on System 1 thinking.” In short, our brains are just like a muscle. They can become overwhelmed and tired.
This effect is referred to as decision fatigue." (aqui)
"The present findings suggest that self-regulation and effortful choosing draw on the same psychological resource. Making decisions depletes that resource, thereby weakening the subsequent capacity for self-control. The impaired self-control was found on a variety of tasks, including physical stamina and pain tolerance, persistence in the face of failure, and quality and quantity of numerical calculation.
Decision making and self-control are both prominent aspects of consumer behavior. It is therefore useful to recognize that they draw on a common psychological resource and that one may affect the other. In particular, making many decisions leaves the person in a depleted state and hence less likely to exert self-control effectively.
If consumers can learn not to do their shopping after a day of making hard decisions, or at least to know that when they do shop after making decisions they are vulnerable to buying more products and paying more for them, they can perhaps avoid the worst outcomes. Conserving their self-resources may therefore contribute to conserving their financial resources also, thus ultimately increasing their quality of life."

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