segunda-feira, janeiro 11, 2016

Prestes a cometer um crime (parte IV)

Parte I e parte II.
Ainda acerca do poder das redes em Mongo e de como a concorrência é diferente, este trecho retirado da revista HCM de Janeiro de 2016, no âmbito de uma entrevista com Tracy Gehlan CEO da cadeia de clubes Jatomi Fitness:
"The fitness sector's introspective viewpoint is also hindering its growth, adds Gehlan: "Everyone's competing against each other head to head, battling over the small pool of people who've already decided to join a gym. That's the wrong time and place to compete. "Rather than competing against other gyms, we should be out there competing with diets, weight loss tablets, recipes, meal plans all the other easier options consumers will try before they even contemplate joining a gym. Because I don't want to be 15th on the list. I want to move my business into a position where it's able to compete as soon as people start doing their 'how to change my life' research." 
Interessante como ela elege, como concorrência, as alternativas aos ginásios que ajudam a cumprir o mesmo JTBD.

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