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O principio da competição exclusiva

Volto ao relatório de Ray Algar, "Health club industry mid-market report" com um exemplo de um ginásio em Munique, o My Sportlady:
"Rooted in the My Sportlady philosophy is the belief that the club should provide more than an activity experience and offer more guidance on what a member really needs. This is when a member visits the club and thinks the best use of their time is to take part in an intense 60-minute class (enrich the body) when in fact it would be more beneficial to simply relax and re-charge (enrich the soul). Jasmin [a fundadora] tells the story of a member she observed who brought her young child into the club crèche and then simply spent the subsequent hour in a relaxation chair, disconnected from all the demands of daily life. At this moment the club was there to provide the mother with tranquillity, not physicality.
During the 1990s the club began evolving and becoming more than a fitness environment, adding a spa, treatment rooms, a crèche and a cooking school. Partnerships were also formed with doctors, osteopaths and a midwife to support members through a pregnancy. The club’s aim is to support every aspect of the person – fitness, nutrition and health for the body and relaxation for the mind and soul. Their cooking school has become the club’s most lucrative profit centre.
On a zero to ten scale of competitive intensity, Jasmin believes the area now rates an eight. Before McFit launched in 1997 and kickstarted the low-cost trend, My Sportlady would compete with high-end, full-service club brands. During this early period, Jasmin admits to spending considerable time thinking about these other clubs, believing that winning was about keeping up with them and trying to match their facilities. As My Sportlady matured and its philosophy developed, this fixation on other clubs subsided as it became clear that the team’s focus should be on delivering the club’s everyday mission, something they could control – helping women to feel well and gain a sense of balance in their lives.
Membership at My Sportlady ranges from:
  • €79 – €99 per month ($89 – $112).
  • The cheapest is a two-year option for €79 per month
  • A one year contract is €89 per month
  • A 6-month option for €99 is available for those seeking more flexibility"

Comparar com as cadeias low-cost:
"McFit, the European giants of low-cost gyms, launched a club in Worms in 2006, just a six-minute drive away where membership costs €19.90 ($22) per month. This was followed by FitnessKing, a 24-hour low-cost gym at €17.99 ($20). Later in 2015, FitX, a third low-cost, 24-hour gym opens and will be a little cheaper at €15 per month ($16)."
Recordar os rouxinóis de MacArthur:
 Diferentes empresas que trabalham para diferentes tipos de clientes-alvo não competem entre si, ainda que ocupem espaços muito próximos.
Recordar Julho de 2006, o o principio da competição exclusiva de Gause:
“Duas espécies não podem coexistir indefinidamente se se alimentarem do mesmo tipo de nutriente escasso."

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