quinta-feira, janeiro 07, 2016

Muito mais do que valor financeiro (parte V)

Parte I, parte IIparte III e parte IV.
Mais um exemplo do que é trabalhar no B2C e o crescente, o explosivo mercado das experiências em "'Escape rooms' the latest in entertainment economy".
A experiência é mesmo o produto!!!
"Escape This Live offers groups a choice of two rooms in Catonsville — one Western-themed, the other pirate-themed. Customer groups are locked in for an hour and must find clues, solve riddles and unlock puzzles in search of the final key needed to escape. An employee watches a video feed and can offer a limited number of clues if they get stuck..Groups can rent an entire room at the Catonsville location for $250 or go as individuals and join a group for $29 each. Some of the people who were randomly teamed up have stayed in touch after the experience,
...Escape rooms are part of a growing number of businesses that offer unusual experiences, reflecting a trend of people placing more value on having a good time than accumulating items....Some say that since today's generation spends so much time on social media and digital devices, having a three-dimensional, tactile experience has become more important. Experiences also can be shared on social media and be valuable social currency...."It was worth every penny.""

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