quarta-feira, janeiro 20, 2016


Ora digam lá se isto é ou não é uma descrição daquilo a que chamamos de Mongo ou Estranhistão aqui no blogue:
"“We do not live in an era of change, but in a change of eras”
In a nutshell, our societies face 3 major tipping points:
  • A change in social order from a central, hierarchically-controlled society to a horizontal, decentralized, and bottom-up working unit.
  • A changing economic structure: where in the past large, bureaucratic organizations were necessary to produce cheap products, in the new digital economy it is possible to develop products and services locally on a small scale.
  • A change in power relations: where once political influence and economies of scale determined access to resources, access to knowledge and information is now also accessible outside of political and social institutions."
Trechos retirados de "Mapping the emerging Post-Capitalist paradigm and its main thinkers"

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